Here’s what other dog owners think

Amy Stirland

“This food is absolutely fantastic quality, it’s does exactly what it says on the bag. I feed all my dogs on this and raise my pups on this as a breeder. I feed one of my dogs on duck and potato variety as she had bad ears and skin and it has done wonders for her. Ears clear and skin so much better, I can’t rate this food enough. Well done Gemma for finally putting a food on the market that is this high quality at a very competitive price . A big bully high five at you from my pack xx” ★★★★★

Hazel Blackbourn

“5 star My dog has just gone onto Sloanes puppy food from K9 Optimum. Sloanes is slightly cheaper but still really high quality and to top it off my dog loves it” ★★★★★

Lyndsey Boulby

“5 star My dog Holly who most of the staff know, has been having problems with her dietary needs lately. Explained the problem, and a gentleman put me onto Sloanes Senior/Light biscuits and told me to cut her meat out for a while, and see how she went on. She is now a lot better with her poo problem. I have never been in a pet shop where they staff are so friendly, good with advice and make the customers feel they are part of a big family. It is a very special shop!!” ★★★★★

Chere Gilbert

“5 star My 8 year old Labrador suffers with his ears so we put him on Sloanes allergy. Not only did it help his ears it has also helped with his skin and his senior warts have gone down. I fully recommend this food.” ★★★★★